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Ice Breaking Activity Suggestions At Scouts

Here are some of the ice breaking activity suggestions that can be carried out in scouts.

There is one game called as a cold wind blows. In this activity, you will need a few chairs, one less than the total size of the group. This activity can be completed within 10 to 20 minutes depending on the size of the group. Arrange the chairs in a circle. Make the students go round, on some music. Once the music stops, everyone will have to sit down. The one who is left out will then have to make a sentence from “a cold wind blows….”. It can be anything like “a cold wind that blows anyone with black hair”. The all the students in the group with black hairs will have to locate another chair. Again this time the one not able to find any chair will have to repeat the process. It is a wonderful game full of enjoyment and excitement.

‘I’m going camping’ is an activity suitable for scouts, cubs and explorers. It is barely a 20 minutes game and can inculcate great interactions among players. Make all the students sit in a circle. Someone needs to start by saying that I am going on a camp and taking an item “X”. The rule is that the item X has to be something that conforms to a rule. For instance, it can begin with a particular letter or items that rhyme. The player has to list other times that go with the same rule. If any other player is able to detect the secret rule about each item, they are taking then he or she can raise their hand.

That player will have to get up and say I am going on a trip by taking item “Y”. If the item Y mentioned is right, the other player will say, “yes you can take it”. Both these players will then continue with the game until other people join it. If the player gets the trick in a wrong way the other player can say “no you can’t take it.” Another game named as Pulse can also be played. Chair and tennis ball is all you will need. Divide the entire section into two parts and ask them to form a line facing each other. At one end of the line is a chair with a tennis ball. On the other end of the line, you will be standing.

You will have to flip a coin. Every player’s eyes should be closed except the ones nearest to you. When it comes to the head, the player will squeeze the hand of the other player beside. This process will continue until it reaches up to the last player at the other end. That player will have to pick up the tennis ball correctly. For every ball that is picked up correctly, you will score a point. There are endless ways to encourage some kind of activities among scouts and explorers. Other famous games like common ground, two truths and a lie, coat of arms and never have I ever can also be played.

There is nothing much to remember about the games. They are simple with mere rules. Anyone can play it for entertainment purpose anytime they desire. They are a great way to make people comfortable with each other. When playing sports or games, it is necessary that everyone will have to interact. The same happens without any hassle. If someone is very introvert, games will help them open up without hesitation.