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Details on the Successful Scout Event in Birmingham

Details on the Successful Scout Event in BirminghamThe Birmingham Scouts have always been active when it comes to bringing out the best in events. This participative bunch made sure that the last Scouts event held in Birmingham was an enjoyable bash, full of great activities, games, and sports that kept the Scouts entertained for endless hours.

There were loads of great activities that anyone would have loved to participate in, and it’s all thanks to the wonderful program organization skills of the Birmingham Scouts.

What Happened at the Event

When it comes to providing fun-filled action games and activities, no one can top the Scouts. The recent Birmingham event for Scouts proved to be a giant hit with all the available activities and sports that kept the kids, volunteers, and parents thirsty for more. There were rowing machines that kept the party-goers energized for hours on end. There were also other great attraction like target shooting, survival skills training, a multitude of different sports, archery, and even some good old fashioned ball games. There were kids all over the place, parents laughing their hearts out, and volunteers having the time of their lives at this one of a kind, full-on fun event.

Why We Love Scouts Events

Scouts events are always a great way to meet new friends and learn a few skills and abilities along the way. The Scouts have always been strong advocates of maintaining a healthy physical capacity, and their events have been solid proof of that goal. The activities and games at the Scouts events have always been challenging, even for those who claim to be fitness buffs and spend long hours on their rowing machines at home. With all that’s going on, you’ll find it hard to take a seat, unless you want to miss out on the action. What’s more, these activities are a great way to have some good clean fun while enjoying the great outdoors. Meeting new friends is also an awesome bonus that comes hand in hand with these events.

Birmingham Scouts Events

The Birmingham Scouts are an active subgroup within the Scouts community. These Scouts have always made it a point to deliver the best events and activities to their guests and have never failed this goal. The Birmingham Scouts are always active and participative when it comes to organizing events, and are set to host a few other events in 2016. This has made Scouts members from all over the world excited to see just what the Birmingham Scouts have in store.

Safety Tips to Remember during Arts and Crafts Activities

Creating art projects with kids could be fun. You enjoy the process and they also feel the same way. It is also a time for you to strengthen your bond and create long lasting memories. The finished output can be a part of your home décor.

It is great if you already know something that you can easily do with your kids. You just have to explain how it is done. You won’t have a hard time figuring it out. If your child has a question, you can give a detailed response.

However, if you are totally new to the craft, make sure that you practice doing it first before inviting your kids to come and join you. This is true especially if you are using equipment that could pose danger. For instance, you might use sharp objects like cutters or scissors. The same thing is true for more complicated equipment like a soldering iron. This is something that you need to be extra careful with. In fact, even experts using this equipment still have difficulty at times. You need to find the best soldering station for hobbyists if you want to make use of it.

Your kids should also not touch the equipment without safety gloves and eye protection. In fact, there are certain parts of the process that they might just not get involved with. They can watch you get the job done. The only things they need to do are the easier parts. Besides, they will still feel a sense of accomplishment once everything is done.

Just have fun

Aside from ensuring the safety of kids, make sure they have fun. This is the goal of doing arts and crafts with them. They are at a stage when they are curious about many things in life. You need to make sure that they have fun with what they are doing. Don’t pressure them to come up with something great. Focus on the process. They need to enjoy every moment of it and tell their friends just how much fun they had with you. This is something you will cherish for the rest of your life.

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It’s Early, But What Might Be The Top Xmas Present For 2016?

It's Early, But What Might Be The Top Xmas Present For 2016Every year there is that one must have gift item for Christmas. Those that get the buzz on the particular product usually can get their hands on it before the general public becomes wise to it. Once the news hits your chances of getting the product is slim. It helps to take advice in advance if you want to wow your loved ones on Christmas morning.

You may be asking, what is in store for 2016? The answer is electric scooters. Electric scooters come in many styles and with an array of features. Electric scooters usually have a built in battery. This battery typically takes around ten to twelve hours to charge fully. Scooters can reach speeds of up to twenty miles per hour. This gift would be ideal for traveling the neighborhood with friends. It’s an all around gift because these come in kids and adult variants. Keep in mind though that an adult electric scooter will of course cost more.

Whoever has this gift on Christmas morning is going to be the envy of their buddies. The price range for electric scooters can range from around one hundred dollars to up to four hundred dollars. There are several well know manufacturers that are known for their quality so be sure to select a brand that has a reputation for lasting. Check the customer review on several sites to get a good idea of what you will be getting and what to expect. This will help prevent getting a gift that will break down or become disappointing.

If you want to give the ultimate gift for Christmas, then you should start looking now and decide which brand you are going to purchase and go ahead and make a plan to buy before everyone else does. Get the most for your money by making a list of the features that you want and having a price point in mind. You don’t want to wait and be stuck without The Holiday Season’s hottest gift.

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What Kind of Activities Do Scouts Do?

What Kind of Activities Do Scouts DoHave you ever wondered what the boy Scout movement is all about? Maybe you are planning to enrol your children in the scouts and want to find out more. This article will tell you all about the main activities that Scouts can take part in.

Outdoor activities

Scouts are able to participate in a wide range of activities; the emphasis is on learning new skills, taking part in challenges and meeting new people. Scouts are also encouraged to learn survival skills such as outdoor skills, which include map reading, camping and first aid.

There’s something for every young person who joins the scouts. The aim of the scouts is often seen to be developing outdoor and survival skills but it’s also a great way to have fun, make new friends and try out a new hobby.

Scout groups will usually have weekly meetings where they plan their activities, play games and learn new skills. They will also have weekend trips and excursions where they are able to experience life from a different angle.

They will often be involved in fundraising for charities and will get involved in community projects in order to make their local neighbourhoods a better place.

Being a member of the Scouts is often a life changing experience where children and young people are encouraged to grow and learn. They will be set challenges and are often encouraged to undertake fun and adventurous activities.

Skills learned in the Scouts can be taken to all areas of life. Scouts develop team working skills as well as time management, improved leadership ability, initiative, planning, communication, self motivation and commitment. They may also learn about different cultures and communities.


Many scouts groups take part in gardening activities. This may be as part of a community service program where they are encouraged to help improve their local environment by planting flowers in round abouts and at the sides of roads. They also help in maintaining public gardens and parks so don’t be surprised if one day you see scouts cutting grass with a riding lawnmower around your local park.

They may also have a small piece of garden next to their scout hut where vegetables can be grown. Alternatively Scouts may occasionally get involved at their local allotment where they can learn about growing vegetables.

A sunflower growing competition is also a fun activity which children of all ages enjoy. This is seen as a challenge in to a scout as they need to take responsibility for the flower themselves and remember to look after it if it is to thrive.

Gardening is a great skill to have as once learned it is something that can be carried on into adult hood. Home grown vegetables are very healthy and Scouts will have a sense of pride in making a meal from vegetables that they have grown themselves. Gardening could also be seen as a survival skill as growing your own food lessens reliance on supermarket food.

Gardening can help to develop a sense of pride, motivation and responsibility in young people. It can help to bring communities together in the case of shared gardens or allotments. Other topics can be discussed as a follow on to gardening such as health and survival. Overall gardening is a great activity for Scouts to get involved in.

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How the Scouts are Using Quadcopters to Have Some Fun

How the Scouts are Using Quadcopters to Have Some FunQuadcopters are great devices that allow us to have some good, clean fun without having to stick our faces against computer screens or handheld devices. Quadcopters offer endless hours of enjoyment, merging both technology and the great outdoors with just one, small gadget.

The Scouts have joined in on the quadcopter bandwagon and have been using these devices to add some extra excitement to their already awesome activities. There are countless fun-filled things you can do with a quadcopter drone, and here are a few of them.

  1. Advanced Exploration – Scouts are encouraged to explore – that’s one of their best abilities. With the vast space and outdoor areas they’re given to frolic around in, it can get pretty easy pretty fast. Adding a drone or quadcopter into the picture makes the task just that much more exciting. Think about all the great fun you’ll have hiding out your copter in an area and having your friends locate it with nothing more than pure Scout’s ability.
  2. Superb Documentation – Some quadcopters have built-in cameras, and that’s a great way to document some of the awesome events and fun-filled activities that take place at Scouts events. There are endless possibilities when it comes to recording and capturing videos and pictures of these events with a quadcopter. Plus the fact that you can savour the memories when you look back makes this idea a no-brainer.
  3. Advanced Target Practice – Scouts are often put through training programs for archery and rifle shooting to sharpen their skills when it comes to hitting a target. If you’re tired of those targets that just sit there and stare back at you, why not take it to the next level with a quadcopter? Some Scouts have tried attaching reasonably sized paper targets and markers that dangle from quadcopters for some advanced target shooting practice. While it does sound like a great idea, there are risks and dangers that come with this activity. Make sure you dangle your targets a considerable distance from your quadcopter to avoid any damage to your device.

There you have it. There are loads of fun activities you can have with your quadcopter as long as you keep an imaginative mind. Now, make like a Scout and join in on the quadcopter bandwagon! Take to the skies and have a fun-filled adventure with your flying device.

The Importance of Joining the Scouts

The Importance of Joining the ScoutsThese days, it can be very easy for people to become overweight and inactive no matter how old (or young!) they may be. With all the conveniences and poor food choices available at our disposal, it’s not impossible to become sedentary and unhealthy. This is why most people, especially parents, have tried their best to look for solutions to keep their kids fit and healthy in these trying times.

Joining the Scouts is a great way to bring out your kids’ physical best, and much more! There are countless benefits to becoming a Scout, and here are a few of them.

  1. Learn New Skills – Becoming a Scout is more than just earning a nifty group membership – it entails learning important skills and abilities necessary for survival in tough situations. Never find yourself unprepared ever again! Scouts are taught a wide variety of skills and abilities that not everyone has access to, so you can be sure that you’ll be at the top of the pack outside of training.
  2. Make New Friends – School is a great place to make friends, but learning important social skills like teamwork are best taught in an environment like that provided during Scouts training. Kids are put at a better disposition to learn the effects of teamwork if they’re placed in a situation that shows them just how it happens. Plus, it’s always an awesome experience if you have friends there with you to keep it a fun-filled experience.
  3. Enjoy the Outdoors – These days, it’s a rarity to find children who still know how to appreciate Mother Nature. With all the technology, handheld devices, and digital entertainment we have at our disposal, it’s hard to bring kids back to our roots. Becoming a Scout means gaining access to lots of great outdoor spaces that will teach you to appreciate nature all over again.
  4. Stay Fit – With countless activities and tasks to participate in such as relay races that include jumping on rectangle trampolines and crawling in mud, it’s near impossible for Scouts to be overweight and physically incapable. That’s because Scouts are taught the value and importance of keeping themselves healthy especially with all the temptations and conveniences available in our world today.
  5. Have Fun! – Kids should be allowed to be kids, and that’s one of the main functions of Scouts. If you want to have some good, clean fun in the presence of some great companions, and in the middle of wonderful outdoor areas, then joining the Scouts is for you!

Pack your Bags and Get Ready for Scouting

The main part of scouting is the activities. It will be highly exciting that makes the young people get fully involved. There are several activities you can do in scouting. It is important to collect all necessary things to enjoy scouting.

If you are planning to participate in scouting, you need to packs your bags and select the right equipment to help in your entire trip. It may take fifteen to twenty minutes to pack your bags and collect necessary things. You require equipment like four kinds of gear and four rucksacks. The four gears are needed for activities like den building, summer camp, rafting and night hiking.

Divide the scouts into four equal groups. Ensure to have an equal number of members in each group. You can give each group one large bag. They have to keep it open so that it will be easy for them to pack. You need to write the four activities in one paper. Ask one member of each group to pick a paper and keep the activity to themselves as secret. They should not tell the other groups what activities they are going to do. You should not tell what activities you have written in the paper and split for each group.

The group members have to pick items relevant to their activity and collect in their bag. If the stage has no more items according to their activity, they can stop. Once each team finishes collecting all the items, they have to empty the bags. The other groups should try to find the activity of each other group by guessing from the items. If each other activities are known, the team member or leader has to announce their activity.

They can say how they are planning to indulge and how their collected items will help in indulging in the activity. They can ask the group members how they can take up and what they should not do while involving in the activity. Each other can share their views and opinions and make arrangements accordingly. This applies to all the groups. They have to choose their equipment necessary for the activity.

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Important Ideas for Night Hiking

If you are taking the scouts for a night hike, you have to remain well prepared. Ensure to have these tips in mind so that you do not have to run in shortage at night.

Expect the unexpected: Get ready to face even the emergency situations. Everyone should know what they have to do and how they should proceed in critical situations.

Take the right kit: You need to carry suitable equipment, clothing and footwear. Ensure to carry first aid kit, survival kit and spare supplies. Before departure, the equipment has to be tested. The map reading equipment should be marked with bright materials. This way, it does not get erased even when water falls on it. Attach the map reading equipment with straps, cords or lanyards.

Shine a light: You have to carry batteries and spare torch. It should be in excellent condition. Ensure to test them before taking for the scouting. The head torches are comfortable to use. It works without carrying in hands. The angled torches are also a right option. It can be attached to your clothes and taken wherever you go. It will direct you in a comfortable manner. It is advisable for all the members to carry luminescent sticks. It does not fade away easily. It glows brightly in the dark. It is an important thing, especially for night hikes.

Rest easy: Resting helps in rejuvenate. It is important to rest whenever and wherever possible. When you get some time to rest, you have to check the equipment and reassess the situation.

Be aware: The main difficulty in the night time is a limited vision. The route markers have to be overlooked because of drastic changes in weather and poor visibility of terrain that can disorientate. Move using the natural landmarks and attach to the open areas such as silhouettes of mountains or hills.

Drink and eat regularly: The energy level is very important, especially while travelling. You should have a great amount of energy, especially during the night times. Ensure to drink sufficient water before starting to hike. When you are going for a full night walk, each member of the team should drink the water of about two liters. Maintain sufficient energy and food sources.

Stay alert: As you are going for night hiking, you have to remain alert as much as possible. Stay alert to the fragrances, noises of water and other sights around. Keep changing the leaders periodically so that every person can remain alert.

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Urban Orienteering of Explorers and Scouts

The scouting team design innovative programs as per to the age group of candidates. Scouting promotes character development, community engagement, and career exploration. The scouts teach about business, trades, science, crafts, sports and future careers. They will expose the youths to next generation competencies and skills.

There are several activities you can do with your members. You can discover the great locations of the town or country while getting involved in an adventurous group activity with your explorers and scouts.

You require some important things like clipboard, answer sheets, orienting setup, pegs, paper, pens, and digital camera.

What do you need to do?

To prepare, you have to roam around the local areas and take photographs of places of interest and landmarks from unique angles. Ensure to mark each location using a peg. You can also mark in an alphabetic manner. It will be helpful for using the card. Now convert the images into clue sheets. You can use one sheet for answers and another sheet as set up sheet.

Now divide the section into groups and give the answer sheet to the opposite group. The task of the members is to find the places, local areas or places of interest from the photographs.

If you wish to make the activity more difficult, you can select places that are tough to spell or pronounce. You can ask one team to unscramble the word and ask the opponent to find the word. It will remain very interesting when played among large groups. If you have any other activities, please share your ideas as comments.

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Interesting Ice Breaking Activities At Scouts

When lots of new members join your scout section, it’s time to do some ice breaking. It simply means making the new ones feel comfortable with the old members. It will help everyone find some new friends and good partners for scout activities. Doing the activities with the same partner is not that interesting, make new groups and perform. Scouts is one of the best part for all adventurous kind of people, be it of any age. You can find out many interesting activities from the internet. You can even think it yourself. There is no limit to what fun can be practised with a young group of people.

Cub/Beaver bingo is an interesting game where you will not need much stuff. Not more than 20 minutes will be required for this wonderful game. Everyone will need a pen and a bingo card. The bingo card will contain a few photocopied statements. These statements can be anything, “I love pizza”, “I have a cat”, or “I hate onions”. You can fill as many number of statements you feel like. Each square card and a pen will be handed over to all the players. Every player will be asked to fill up the card as fast as possible.

They will have to ask each different player if they agree with the mentioned statements. If the player says yes to any statement, just put a tick mark on it. In this way, go on filling up the card and the first one to do this will be the winner. Another activity suitable for beavers and cubs is called form a line. Ask the scouts to line up height wise from left to right. Once they are lined up, ask them to remember where they were standing. Then, arrange them in the order of their birthday, age, alphabetically, etc. After you have done all of this, shuffle everyone and play a quick fire round.

Here you shout “line up in the order of your age” or anything it can be. Then see how quickly they are able to arrange themselves in their correct position. It will help them increase their memory power and thinking capability. This activity will also help them remember new faces around them. It is a great activity to indulge one student with another. Try it out next time in your scout batch.