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Pack your Bags and Get Ready for Scouting

The main part of scouting is the activities. It will be highly exciting that makes the young people get fully involved. There are several activities you can do in scouting. It is important to collect all necessary things to enjoy scouting.

If you are planning to participate in scouting, you need to packs your bags and select the right equipment to help in your entire trip. It may take fifteen to twenty minutes to pack your bags and collect necessary things. You require equipment like four kinds of gear and four rucksacks. The four gears are needed for activities like den building, summer camp, rafting and night hiking.

Divide the scouts into four equal groups. Ensure to have an equal number of members in each group. You can give each group one large bag. They have to keep it open so that it will be easy for them to pack. You need to write the four activities in one paper. Ask one member of each group to pick a paper and keep the activity to themselves as secret. They should not tell the other groups what activities they are going to do. You should not tell what activities you have written in the paper and split for each group.

The group members have to pick items relevant to their activity and collect in their bag. If the stage has no more items according to their activity, they can stop. Once each team finishes collecting all the items, they have to empty the bags. The other groups should try to find the activity of each other group by guessing from the items. If each other activities are known, the team member or leader has to announce their activity.

They can say how they are planning to indulge and how their collected items will help in indulging in the activity. They can ask the group members how they can take up and what they should not do while involving in the activity. Each other can share their views and opinions and make arrangements accordingly. This applies to all the groups. They have to choose their equipment necessary for the activity.

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Important Ideas for Night Hiking

If you are taking the scouts for a night hike, you have to remain well prepared. Ensure to have these tips in mind so that you do not have to run in shortage at night.

Expect the unexpected: Get ready to face even the emergency situations. Everyone should know what they have to do and how they should proceed in critical situations.

Take the right kit: You need to carry suitable equipment, clothing and footwear. Ensure to carry first aid kit, survival kit and spare supplies. Before departure, the equipment has to be tested. The map reading equipment should be marked with bright materials. This way, it does not get erased even when water falls on it. Attach the map reading equipment with straps, cords or lanyards.

Shine a light: You have to carry batteries and spare torch. It should be in excellent condition. Ensure to test them before taking for the scouting. The head torches are comfortable to use. It works without carrying in hands. The angled torches are also a right option. It can be attached to your clothes and taken wherever you go. It will direct you in a comfortable manner. It is advisable for all the members to carry luminescent sticks. It does not fade away easily. It glows brightly in the dark. It is an important thing, especially for night hikes.

Rest easy: Resting helps in rejuvenate. It is important to rest whenever and wherever possible. When you get some time to rest, you have to check the equipment and reassess the situation.

Be aware: The main difficulty in the night time is a limited vision. The route markers have to be overlooked because of drastic changes in weather and poor visibility of terrain that can disorientate. Move using the natural landmarks and attach to the open areas such as silhouettes of mountains or hills.

Drink and eat regularly: The energy level is very important, especially while travelling. You should have a great amount of energy, especially during the night times. Ensure to drink sufficient water before starting to hike. When you are going for a full night walk, each member of the team should drink the water of about two liters. Maintain sufficient energy and food sources.

Stay alert: As you are going for night hiking, you have to remain alert as much as possible. Stay alert to the fragrances, noises of water and other sights around. Keep changing the leaders periodically so that every person can remain alert.

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